New Wordpress website for Sequure

Sequure needed a website that they could take to Market. The site has to speak to primarily to Investment Demand, and that was my focal point.

Private Wealth Global Homepage
The Private Wealth Global Homepage


I applied the branding elements of Sequure, the grid heavy, broken up circle device to create interesting layouts throughout the site. This works especially well since we don’t have content-heavy pages yet.

I create a sense of life and activity on pages through the use of looping videos in certain parts. This meant that I didn’t have to rely on any element animations. I was worried that adding animations to elements that are already deconstructed could carry the risk of being too much, cluttered and dificult for the user to reason with.

I made the decision to steer clear of premade templates, and rather allow the available content to dictate the direction the site’s layout would take. This approach allows the site to evolve over time as the company produce more content, and gives the site the freedom to be iterative.

The brand’s identity was designed for this, and it’s simplicity allows me to be creative with layouts and structures. This is made evident when you explore how the site can change layouts and switch out elements through the mobile, tablet and desktop views.

The Mobile view of the homepage
The Mobile view of the homepage

Content Strategy

The startup world can be interesting at times. In the case of Sequure, it’s still such a new company that figuring out what and how to speak to their Demand and Supply markets is a dificult challenge to solve. Each one has their own internal segments, seemingly with different language approaches.

I am not a copy writer, and even less of a content strategist, but took the approach that we should say less until we are confident enough to say more. It’s the basic approach of “less is more”, and it made sense to apply this here.

Then adding to an already complex problem, we also had specific groups we were targeting at specific points. This for example meant that a group of demand partners are only interested in the compliance and supply problem, and don’t care about the tech yet. This means that promoting tech too heavily on the website could miss the opportunity with the partners.

The strategy I came up with was to take on an iterative approach to content. Put up what we were super confident with now, and then iteratively make it good, expand and evolve as our available material and marketing strategies would allow.

The website design along with the CI of the company already allow for this, and it’s an exciting way for me to work with websites. There is no legacy content that you need to fit into the box, and the theory here is that along with the content strategy, design strategy and branding strategy I have designed a product for Sequure that never will get bogged down with old legacy elements.

What’s missing?

The one part of the website that is clearly missing is the tech that Sequure is building. The reason around that is that this is simply not defined enough to confidently put out there. It’s under active development, and changes are currently too often to reasonably put out there.

Choosing Wordpress

When it comes to marketing websites that are going to be primarily owned and managed by business owners and marketing teams, Wordpress is almost de-facto. Almost everybody in the industry come with experience in some form of working with the cms, and that sets an Ownership Experience out of the box.

This website is no different. The owners of Sequure are Wordpress experienced already, and by choosing a platform they already know, empowers them to confidently take ownership of the website. This is something you always want to encourage as much as possible, because involved ownership promotes healthy websites that have purpose.

Developing Wordpress Websites Responsibly

In the case of this website, developing a new theme from scratch would not make much sense. It’s a simple enough marketing site that doesn’t have any custom features or data requirements, and I am always cognisant of the fact that at some point, someone else will take over the responsibility of this website.

Therefore, using a pro theme with a great reputation makes the most sense. The Kadence ecosystem contains all of the functionality you need to build a great website, and I didn’t need to use any other third-party plugins. This already lowers your risk and breaking potential far more than I could by building anything from the ground up in the timeframe given.

With the above decisions, the only things I had to add in terms of third-party tools were SEO, performance and security related plugins.


The Result

This is a website I am immensely proud of. Everything about this site is out of the ordinary - in a good way.

I was able to take in the many challenges we had, and develop a strategy to accomodate them, rather than trying to avoid them. This website is the result of many deliberate decisions that I took, and many of them were outside of my scope of comfort.

Wordpress is a feasible platform decision, and it was developed to be lightweight, maintainable and more importantly: evolvable!

I believe that everything we design and build need to be products with purpose, and I feel that I accomplished that goal in this project.

TraaidMark, by Adrian Kirsten