Private Wealth Global

  • Frontend: GatsbyJs
  • Backend:
  • Environment: AWS S3,AWS Cloudfront
  • Roles: UI Design,Frontend Development,Backend Development,Architecture

We needed a marketing site to introduce ourselves as a marketplace company, illustrate our core values and update with industry news.

Private Wealth Global - By Adrian Kirsten


  • 01.
  • Fast. Reliable. Secure by default.

Finding the sweet spot for pure frontends in an increasingly complex environment doesn't get much better than the static website.

You allow your marketing team to manage content and at the same time simplify the architecture of your site.

  • Secure by default.

    When you generate your site, what you get are static files. There is no CMS or database to be hacked.

  • Fast.

    Serving static files is fast by nature. There are no other services involved. No waiting on endpoints or database queries.

  • Hosting

    Removing the dependency on backend services greatly reduces the complexities of your hosting environment.

    Our hosting setup was as simple as an AWS S3 bucket connected to an AWS Cloudfront CDN.

    There are few more reliable ways to host a website.

  • Automate Deployments

    Arguably the largest pain point when you deal with static websites is having to rebuild and deploy the site whenever content changes.

    We handled this issue through an automated deployment pipeline, with git branch based deployments through Jenkins, as well as webhooks listening for changes on the CMS.

Private Wealth Global Homepage - By Adrian Kirsten


If you love what you see & believe that I can be a great fit for you as much as I do, then please get in touch!