A form processing plant that makes it super easy to handle forms

Envelope is a form processing API that makes it super easy to handle just about any form - whether it's a simple form to mail, or a complex form with 3rd party integrations.

How Envelope works

& All you need is…

<form action="https://api.envelope.works/p/XXXXXXXX" method="POST">

Every form has flow

Every form is unique, and as such have unique needs. Some forms need things other don’t. With envelope you can set your form up for it’s unique need.

The Envelope process involves a form workflow editor allowing you to add & remove steps as you need them. Some examples of workflow steps include:

  • Send entry to an inbox
  • Add a response to the user
  • Save the entry to the database
  • Send the entry to Google docs, your CRM & other 3rd party integrations with Zapier

Because forms are complicated.

Ever built a website, app, $thing and realised at some point that what you built had a form that needed processing? Sure, we all have. You just throw in a plugin and be done with it. Right?

It’s the age old problem (at least in my time). You basically have two choices:

  • Go full CMS in order to handle the 2 forms on an otherwise static website.
  • Build a quick stand-alone php script which will invariably become a maintenance nightmare.

While both of them are options (certainly not solutions), you still haven’t dealt with the single biggest challenge with webforms…

Forms are by nature complex. Each form has it’s own life, it’s own separate purpose. Some forms simply need to go to an inbox. Others too, but wants to be saved to a database. Some forms want both with a confirmation mail and added attachment.

Then you get forms with ambition. The client wants the forms to be integrated with their crm, or get added to a Google Doc, or they want to import all the entries into $system with JSON.

What about those forms that live to be a competition form or other type of campaign related entity. Then you really want analytics to go with that entry. Surely each entry should also be sent to a Mailchimp list?

The possibilities are literally endless. While 95% of your website or app is straight forward and simple, it always get’s derailed by the 5% which is usually your forms.

Coming to a form near you 2017

Building things is hard. Building things to process forms is even more dificult, more so if I want you to love it - and I really, really do want you to love it.