My name is Adrian Kirsten & I am a UX focused Frontend Developer with a whole basket of interests. I love building awesome things for the web.

Available for Hire!

  • Immediately Available.
  • Remote, Hybrid (Gauteng, South Africa).

About Me.

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  • Pleased to meet you.

I have a deep interest in the entire project workflow, from Strategy & Direction, UX Design, Frontend Development through to the environments in which my projects live.

I am a strong believer in the right tool for the right job. I also believe that anything can be learned, adjusted to where it’s required.

I have been building awesome things for the internet since 2004, and while my roles have evolved with the times, the one single constant has always been: I love my work.

Current Interests:

  • Frontend Development
    • Building maintainable frontend architecture.
    • Javascript Development
    • Headless Websites
    • Static Generated Websites
  • Fullstack Development
    • I have a huge fascination with Automation, CI/CD & Devops.
    • Drupal Development
  • Product Management & Strategy
    • I would love to begin putting my experience across the product workflow to use by solving client problems and developing products that solve those needs.

Recent Work.

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  • Proud to show the goods.

I have been building awesome things for the internet since 2004, and I love my work today as much as I did at the start.

Below is a list of some the awesome things that I have worked on in the last couple of years.

There are languages, frameworks & tools that I prefer over others, but I demonstrable ability to be versatile & upskill into any existing setup as it’s required.


If you love what you see & believe that I can be a great fit for you as much as I do, then please get in touch!